Create your dreamlife with this compilation of 99 daily habits for a better life.

Sometimes we’re not even aware of our bad habits that have slowly and unknowingly creeped into our life. 

If you wanna get back on track or achieve your goals faster these habit ideas will inspire you to create a happier and more fulfilling life.

These daily habits vary from self care & health to work & personal development.

I have divided those 99 suggestions into different categories: 

  • good habits to do in the morning
  • daily habits to implement during the day
    • health
    • work
    • self-care
    • personal development
  • healthy habits for your evening & nighttime

This division is just an example and inspiration for how & when to form habits.

A lot of the habits can also be used at any time of the day so I encourage you to play a bit around and figure out when is the best time for each habit for you to do.


Start your day right with these healthy habits for a great morning routine!

  1. Get Enough Sleep

We’ve probably all been there: trying to go to bed or wake up earlier than usual and either failing miserably or spending the day being unconcentrated, moody and sleepy all along. 

Getting a good night’s sleep affects us positively in so many different ways and is crucial for our health and performance. 

Although a lot of successful people want to prove it is different: what time you wake up doesn’t matter as much as how much sleep you get.

Some of us just live better working at night and sleeping until noon, whilst others are thrilled to have a workout finished before sunrise.

You know yourself best so just pick your favourite scenario and get a decent amount of sleep so you can live your best life possible.

  1. Set an Intention for the Day

Setting an intention for the day shortly after waking up will help you focus on your goals for the day.

Intentions can be about everything and anything. The only limit here is your imagination.

You could set an intention for the day to get started on a new project, eating only healthy meals, keeping calm when things get wild at work, implementing some time just for yourself, and so on… 

I love setting intentions because it reminds me that I am the creator of my life (and this very day) and I choose what I will spend my time and focus on. 

It’s also a nice way to visualize what great things you can accomplish today.

  1. Stretch Your Body

No matter how long or short you’ve spent your night at bed: stretching every muscle after waking up is such a natural and effortless thing to do to instantly feel better. 

When I feel like a certain area needs a little bit more attention I also like to do some tapping along the meridian lines or massaging the area.

These practices are great if you don’t have time for or don’t enjoy a workout in the morning. 

You will still get the energy in your body to move and wake up every cell from its beauty sleep.

  1. Make Your Bed

Not gonna lie: I almost never did my bed when I was younger. I didn’t really see the point in it unless of course that it looks neat. But I was always a little (or a little bit more chaotic) so I honestly didn’t care if my bed was done or not. 

To this day I’m not a big fan of making my bed but I feel like as an adult I’m trying to be tidier and do things I feel are a good thing to do (if I like it or not). 

Focusing on the long-term effects instead of my short-term gratification has been a big game changer in my life and I can only encourage you to try this out too! 🙂 

So let’s look at the science behind making our bed (yeah, who would’ve thought there’s a science behind it) :

When we do our bed in the morning it can subconsciously kick off a series of accomplishments. 

Wait… what?!

Yup, after getting out of bed, making it is probably the first task & achievement of the day which will actively help us to carry out more and more tasks. 

Additionally it gives you a little boost of happy hormones, improves the look of your bedroom and makes you feel like you’re a responsible adult who has their life together!

  1. Do Breathwork

If you haven’t tried breathwork yet you should definitely give it a go!

It is so beneficial in so many different ways depending on what kind of breathwork you’re doing.

Just to make a few examples: breathwork can help you energize yourself, calm you, help you focus and maximize your physical performance.

In my article about life-changing habits for your morning ritual I also wrote about easy breathwork exercises and what’s important about your breathing technique.

  1. Smudge Your Space

Smudging involves the burning of specific and sometimes sacred herbs to change the energy of a place, thing or person. 

Depending on what herb you are burning the ‘effect’ will be different.

Some herbs will cleanse space from negative energy or repel it. Others are used for purification, protection or even healing & love.

I personally love smudging with white sage and palo santo.

As this ancient ritual gets more and more popular nowadays and you can easily find a seller of smudge sticks close to you. 

  1. Use Positive Affirmations

Over 90% of our thoughts are subconscious. This means that we create the majority of our life unknowingly which is why we usually don’t get what we want.

If your wish is to manifest and create your dream life, implementing affirmations as a daily habit will be your game changer.

You create a list of affirmations containing all the things you want to establish and in the best case your affirmations start with the words “I am”. 

Positive Affirmations work best if you read them aloud and feel every word to already be true. Additionally you can also create a voice recording of your affirmations so you can stimulate your frequency over three senses: listening, reading (seeing) and feeling.

  1. Apply Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from UV radiation is absolutely important to everyone despite our skin type or colour. 

Some blonde whiteys like me need to be a little bit more careful but we should all use sunscreen, avoid the midday heat and protect our eyes with sunglasses.

Also I don’t care if it’s cloudy: use your sunscreen! 😀

Okay okay if you’re in the middle of a snowstorm you don’t have to worry about it but as I believe most of us aren’t: put on sunscreen every day & multiple times a day!

Even when it’s cloudy 50% of UV rays still get through so it is really important for you to protect your skin. 

You will still get your tan, but you will minimize your risk of skin cancer (and wrinkles).

  1. Take Your Supplements

Supplements are often seen as unnecessary for people following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The issue is though that nowadays the crops we eat have been modified so much and the soil has been treated with chemical fertilizers so that the end product landing on our plate rarely has any vitamins or minerals left.

Generally it is also quite hard to meet your nutritional needs on a vitamin level as we rarely ever eat that much. Furthermore modern ways of cooking food like deep frying are not preserving the food’s benefits as much as f.e. steaming it or eating them raw.

I personally prefer using a toothpaste including Vitamin B12 and I also like to do a smoothie in the morning and just blend a bunch of powders in like wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, noni, etc. 

This way I don’t need to worry about it during the day.


As stated above these are just ideas of when to implement your new habits. Of course you can do them anytime and anywhere!


Usually when we are sick we remember that our health is the most precious thing in the world. 

  1. Balance Your Chakras

Chakras are spinning energy vortexes in different parts of your body.

Out of balance they can cause discomfort, diseases and imbalances in our energy body.

The most known chakras are classified with numbers 1-7:

  1. Root chakra:         residing at the base of your spine
  2. Sacral chakra:     in your pelvic floor
  3. Solar plexus chakra:     above your navel and around solar plexus
  4. Heart chakra:        where your heart and lungs are
  5. Throat chakra:        throat and lower part of your face
  6. Third eye chakra:    eyes and lower forehead
  7. Crown chakra:        at the tip of your head and slightly above

To balance your chakra you can use different frequencies, mantras and mudras.

The easiest way is just to raise awareness to each and every energy vortex and feel it spinning around in the area.

  1. Inversions

How often do you change your perspective?

The easiest way to see life from a different angle is to lie down and put your feet up the wall.

If you’re into the advanced version you should try a shoulderstand (also known as candle pose), headstand, forearm stand or even handstand!

Inversions are fantastic for improved blood circulation and strengthening your core.

You can distinguish between cooling and heating inversions.

On the one hand, cooling inversions like shoulder stands and putting your legs up the wall are great for relaxation. 

On the other hand we have heating inversions like forearm stand, handstand and headstand which are optimal to give yourself an energy boost.

Important: if you’re pregnant or on your period you should only put your legs up, keep your hips on the ground!

  1. Cook Your Own Meal

I used to cook all the time and even started working on a cookbook years ago. 

However since moving to Bali I have barely cooked and am mostly eating out or ordering food. 

I enjoy having some extra minutes in the day that I can use to focus on my work or use as my freetime.

Nevertheless I am trying to get back into making more meals by myself, as this is the only way I can be completely sure of what I am actually consuming. 

Restaurants don’t always use the highest quality of ingredients whereas I am really eager about buying only organic and healthy stuff.

Furthermore cooking your own meals can be quite meditative and also a wonderful way to treat yourself and your loved ones. 

A big bonus point is how much cheaper cooking your own meals is!

  1. Go Out In Nature

It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a country or a city girl: connecting to nature is a great practice for all of us. 

When you’re in a big city and the closest thing to nature is a park that’s also great! Kick of your shoes and connect to the ground, feel roots expanding out of your feet, keeping you close to Mother Earth

Here in Bali I have the privilege to enjoy beach walks, the sound and power of the ocean and drives through breathtaking rice fields. 

When I don’t feel like going out I just sit on my balcony and enjoy the green view of pandan and banana trees. 

I am well aware that not everyone has these views but wherever you are the nature is truly beautiful, back in Germany I adore walks or bike rides through the forest.

If you really want to connect deeper I suggest you take your headphones off and listen closely to all the wonderful sounds of the earth.

  1. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

As social beings human contact is essential for our mental health.

Through social media we might be more connected to the rest of the world but I feel like it easily disconnects us more and more from ourselves and our closest companions. 

Spending real quality time and connecting on a deeper level with each other comes in different sizes and shapes. 

The benefits of quality time do not only affect your mental, but also your physical health. 

  1. Get Some Sunlight

Avoiding the sun was very normal to me before I moved to Bali which made this practice honestly quite impossible. 

It wasn’t for aesthetic reasons because where I come from looking like a vampire is not really en vogue. My grandfather and several other members of my family have had skin cancer and that was just a thing I didn’t want to get. So during my years of deep depression I also avoided the mood-raising life-giver aka the Sun. 

Being exposed to the sun will not only help with the development of crucial vitamin D but will also soothe your soul and lift your mood up. 

As Vitamin D cannot be produced when you’re wearing sunscreen I suggest grabbing just a few (!) minutes of the tender morning sun and after that always put on sunscreen!

  1. Work Out Regularly

Everyone who wants to become or stay fit and healthy should work out on a regular basis.

There’s no need for intense workouts, but moving your body more than just going to the bathroom and back should be in it.

You don’t have to hit the gym or do something you don’t like, there are numerous ways of moving your body and I’m sure there is also something that you will love to do!

  1. Remember That Social Media Is Full Of Fake 

The vast majority of people only show the shiny and fancy things of their lives on social media.

Only a few people talk about their problems and believe me when I tell you that most people are not even the way they act on social media.

Even the ‘realest’ influencers can be very different when you sit with them one on one.

Don’t be bummed by what other people seemingly have or what they look like. Most of the photos are edited and people give their best to make their boring lives look more interesting or make themselves look more like a model.

Remember that not even the most picture perfect life is free of struggles and if we all threw our problems in one pot we would probably take our one owns back.

  1. Hug Someone Tightly

We all love hugs, don’t we?! 

But the best hugs are when we really hug someone really tightly and they hug us tightly back.

Really deeply connecting and merging with the other person makes a hug so much more magical. 

Don’t just wrap your arms around someone, hug them like you haven’t seen them in a long time!

  1. Quit Alcohol

Yeah I know some of you might not like me for this and I get it, I’ve actually been drinking for many years myself.

The thing about alcohol is that there are zero benefits for you. It is a pure neurotoxin and don’t even come at me with “v0dKa iS mAde 0uT oF p0tAToEs”. 

Alcohol is not only causing liver damage, it is also destroying your brain cells, your common sense and worst case scenario your waking up next to your ex.

Some of you might think it’s a great way to relax or to get a little bit more self-esteem but I believe that at a certain point in your life you should be brave enough and leave your comfort zone without getting all messed up. 

I quit drinking 1,5 years ago and I’m not saying I will never touch any alcohol again ever in my life, but I encourage you to challenge yourself and not drink for a period of time that seems uncomfortable for you. 

  1. Drink 3 Liters Of Filtered Water Every Day

Get a glass of water and drink it NOW!

The majority of people are dehydrated and even if you don’t live in a hot country like me you should get your 3 liters of filtered water per day. 

Staying hydrated will not only regulate your blood pressure and body temperature, it is also protecting your organs, tissues and joints.

Water is necessary for your body’s nutrient transport and electrolyte balance as well as the removal of toxins. 

In addition to that this boring drink will also keep your skin looking fresh and aid your digestion. 

If you find it difficult to drink plain water in this amount you should try infusing your water.

You know you’re drinking enough when your pee is clear and you have to go to the bathroom every hour (I know it’s annoying, but it’s totally worth it). 

  1. Take The Stairs

A family member once said to me “taking the stairs is the cheapest gym” and this sentence is now stuck with me forever.

Well when I was told this I was actually groaning while walking up to the sixth floor of a building and little was I amused, but he was right.

The easiest thing to get more movement in is to ditch the elevator and escalator whenever possible and just take the stairs.

If you don’t want to walk up a skyscraper and get to your meeting sweating and sighing you could at least take the stairs on your way down. 

  1. Eat More Natural Foods

Nowadays supermarkets are full of processed crap where I’m surprised how companies are even allowed to call it food. 

But also in restaurants cooks are more and more using pre-made processed foods to save time and energy. 

Well there’s nothing bad about saving time and energy, but I think it’s so important to our health what we choose to put into our bodies.

If you look at the ingredient list of what is presented to you as food in supermarkets you will not even know what the majority of those words mean. 

Don’t be fooled by the media and fancy advertisements. And don’t ever believe that fruit is bad for you!

I’m always surprised how many people have so-called “fruit-fear” where they think that eating too much fruit is bad for you due to the fruit sugar. 

Our body runs on fruit sugar. Fruit is good for you. Unless you’re unable to digest large amounts of raw foods, fruits and veggies are the healthiest things you can put into your body.

  1. Meditate

Not gonna lie, getting into meditation can be super boring and annoying at first but I promise that it is definitely worth being consistent. 

Even if you’re not a fan of consistency you can feel the effects of meditation after a single session. 

Your meditation can last from 1 minute to over half an hour to several days if you’re on a retreat (not recommended for beginners). 

My meditation practice usually lasts around half an hour as I’m not really one to sit still, but even just a quick five minutes do wonders for me.

As we’re all different and the most famous version of classical silent meditation might not be your thing: there are numerous ways of meditation to each gusto. 


  1. Donate 10% Of Your Income

Donating a specific amount of your income attunes you to the frequency of abundance.

On an energetic level you are signalling having more than enough being able to share with the world.

This energy will attract you even more abundance.

It’s still important though not to share out of greed because you think it will bring you more money, that’s not how it works. Your energy is different then as you are on the frequency of lack.

Be aware of your intentions and remember the wellspring of treasures is infinite.

  1. Delegate Or Outsource Tasks

You don’t have to do all the work yourself! 

Whether it is about your job or concerning the household – ask others to help you and split up the tasks for faster results and lower stress-levels.

  1. Hire Someone

Time is money and you choose whether you want to spend your time on a task or you pay someone to do it for you.

I have a cleaning lady that comes twice a week, but not because I have a problem with doing it myself. 

The time I save by hiring her is used to work on my business which will generate me more money than her work costs me. 

Other tasks like f.e. SEO I do myself because hiring an SEO expert is currently out of my budget so I choose to use my time for that and become really good at it myself.

When my business has grown I will definitely hire someone to do my SEO and then focus on new products. 

  1. Stop Comparing

Believe me: the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Especially not when people want to make you buy into this belief.

Comparing yourself and your journey to others will either make you feel less worthy, behind and miserable. Or it will make you feel superior and constrict you in dumb ego-related drama.

Appreciate yourself, how far you’ve come and the way your journey looks. It might look like some of us have it easier, but the truth is we all struggle, no matter how pretty, rich or privileged we are. 

What your life looks like is the result of what your soul or ultimately you have chosen for yourself. Call it Karma, destiny or God’s will. You are meant to be reincarnated in the body, family and life you have. 

But always remember that you are only one decision away from changing your life completely.

The choice is yours. And if you can’t change something you don’t like: change your attitude. 

  1. Stop Multitasking

Yes I get it: you are a special snowflake that is able to multitask just as we’ve all been multitasking before. 

Or you’ve heard about this study that women can multitask but men can’t? 

Well the truth is, despite your gender identity you are better off with single tasking.

Although you might be physically able to do several things at once it is better for your brain and your sanity to focus on one thing at a time. Your results will be better and the likeliness of being a clumsy mess (like me occasionally) is high.

  1. Cook In Advance

No worries, I will not talk to you about meal prepping a whole week in advance. 

To me food is love and indulgence. I go after what I want to eat at this exact moment or maybe I will pull out a recipe and buy the groceries to cook it the following day.

I do not understand how people can prepare a whole week of dishes in advance or decide what they want to eat the following days.

But cooking in advance, which in my case is just doubling the recipe, will save you a good amount of time the next day!

I think food is only delicious max one day after prepping (lasagna is a mystery being even better than the day before?!), but having some decent leftovers is always making me happy. 

You can either take your delicious home cooked meal with you to the office / college or school or just eat it at the home office like I do. 

Pro Tipp: don’t eat your prep for the next day as the second portion! Has eventually happened to me most of the time.

  1. Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

I can’t stress this enough: Stop. Buying. Stuff. You. Don’t. Need !

Ask yourself in what ways the purchase of a new thing is benefiting you and call out your own BS! 

Do you really need this? Do you already have something similar? Will this make you happy? What feelings am I trying to soothe or avoid with this purchase.

Save your money and invest it instead. This way you will end up having more money left-over for the really important things in life.

Pro Tipp: With every purchase you make put 10% of the price in an extra jar at home and build up your investment fund. 

  1. Have An Emergency Fund

Whether you are self-employed or not you should always have an emergency fund for… emergencies!
We can’t control life but we can be well prepared for what life throws at us.

I am not a preacher of security but having enough money to get by just in case is always a good idea.

Your emergency fund should cover all of your living expenses and the ones of those you are looking after (pets, childrens, etc.) for at least three months. 

It is only for emergencies which doesn’t include getting the next iPhone or Dior bag!

Keep the money in an extra bank account that isn’t connected to your debit or credit card but which you can access on the same or the next day.

  1. Track Your Finances

I believe tracking your finances is something everyone should do. 

It shows you clearly what you are spending (or wasting) your money on and where you could save and hence invest more. 

If you don’t have several income streams it is probably quite easy to keep track of your incomes, but what about your expenses? 

How much are you really spending in different areas of your life? 

I personally love the free of charge app Monefy as you can easily keep track of everything in different categories. 

If you’re more of an old school person you can also keep a household account book but I personally love this app because I can directly keep track while I’m spending money.

Keeping track of my expenses has kept me from buying stuff because it makes me think twice if I really want to purchase something (and keep track of it).

Just on a side note how to save a little bit here and there:

I spend a tremendous amount of money on eating out so I keep an eye on the days my favourite restaurants have deals and I also started doing my breakfast at home, noticing it saves me a lot of time and money.

I love hanging out in cafes in the morning but I’m also super productive when I get straight to work shortly after waking up so I decided to enjoy breakfast at home during the weekdays. 

Another area I used to spend a lot of money on was parking fees and gas when I had a car back in Berlin.

Honestly I love driving and having a car so much, but if you live in a big city with amazing options of public transport it is a very expensive and environmentally unfriendly thing to have.

Not saying you should sell your car but there are also amazing car sharing options and the money you’re saving could be wisely invested into an ETF for example.

Small decisions add up to a lot over time!

  1. Delete Time Stealing Apps

Get rid of those energy suckers now!

We all have those apps that absorb our time into infinity as if they were a black hole.

Once you’re already scrolling or playing games it’s hard to stop and get back to what you should rather spend your time on. 

The easier way is to just delete all of those apps from your phone and tablet that don’t fulfill you, make you happy or help you create your dream life.

I’ve deleted all social media apps from my phone that I don’t work with. 

After some time I always delete some more apps that I never use.

Doing so not only saves me time and storage space, it also makes my phone run faster.

Basically it’s a win-win situation with just a minimal amount of effort.

  1. Don’t Look At Displays During Work Breaks

I know it can be extremely tempting, at least it is for me.

After 50 min of intense focus I love the idea of zapping through apps looking for a little endorphin rush. But at the end of my break I don’t feel recharged at all but a little bit more drained from all the overstimulation.

So I have created a rule for me not to look at my phone during work breaks.

Instead I go into the kitchen and make myself a tea, go to the bathroom, enjoy the view from my balcony and stretch a little. 

After a ten minutes break I then get back to work feeling recharged and more focused than when spending the break on my phone. 

I have to add that I do not work 8 hours in a row like that and that there are exceptions if I am f.e. awaiting a delivery or another important message. 

But it’s crucial to distinguish between important and things you just wish to be important so you can spend time on your phone.

35. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are your productivity’s worst opponent and nowadays whole galaxies of distractions are awaiting us at every corner.

Creating distraction free work zones are especially important if you want to get onto the fast lane of achieving your dreams and cold-shower procrastination.

As you’ve by now already mastered turning off notifications, leaving your phone alone during breaks and even turning on airplane mode when you don’t need it you’re almost good to go. 

The next step is to actually look at your workspace and get rid of everything that has nothing to do with your work or that you don’t need at this moment.


My desk is currently hosting:

  • 4 books 
  • a pair of headphones which I don’t need for work
  • a bluetooth speaker box which I also don’t need right now
  • a bowl with white sage and palo santo which I used to smudge with before
  • a lighter
  • a headband
  • two crystals (one amethyst and one clear quartz)
  • a coconut

The only thing I currently need to write this article is the coconut as it is my drink and I like to prepare everything on my desk before I start working so I don’t have to get up and distract myself constantly.

I also like to keep the crystals next to my computer just because I love their energy. But do I need them? Nope. 

So what I need to do now is put away all the other stuff that is just disturbing my field of view.

I’m not running around the house and putting everything where it belongs. I just move it out of sight, which in this case is the chair on the other side of the table that I can’t see. 

I know Marie Kondo probably won’t approve of this method but my current mission is a distraction free work zone and I want to get back into typing asap. 

If you’re able to clean up after yourself right after you’ve used something that’s an even better way, but I’m not there yet. 🙂 


36. Stop Negative Self-Talk

We’ve all been told mean and demotivating things in life. But that doesn’t mean you should do it to yourself!

Quit the negative self-talk, we don’t want you to feel bad about yourself, we want you to rise up and shine the brightest that you can! 

Some people maybe won’t but that’s because they’re unhappy with their own lives.

People who are truly in alignment and happy with themselves don’t put other people down.

If you ain’t believing in yourself who’s gonna do it?! Exactly, no one.

You know yourself best so only you know what you are capable of. 

Technically you don’t even know what you are capable of unless you believe you can achieve anything you want in life, then you are 100% correct!

Everytime you catch yourself putting yourself down, shift that thought into something positive!

37. Implement A (Home) Spa Afternoon 

Now that you’ve learned how to take better care of your mental health let’s move on to taking care of your body. 

When was the last time you went to a spa or did a little beauty ritual at home?

Well, this week is the perfect time to do it!

And I do not want to hear any excuses like “I don’t have any money for that”!

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have anything to do with money.

Take a hot bath, cut and file your nails, shave (or don’t depending on what you prefer), put on DIY hair and face masks and take a good long nap.

Put your phone in airplane mode, turn on your favourite tune and dance it all out!

Et voila: a cost-free self-care ritual.

38. Go to the Sauna and Take Ice Baths

Once in a while (or everyday depending on your budget) treat yourself to the wonderful combination of sauna and ice baths.

Whilst the latter is probably something most of us don’t really fancy, the combination of these two benefits immensely your muscle and cell recovery, circulation, skin and lymphatic system.

Caution! Do not do this if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant!

 Always consult your doctor first before following my ideas! 

39. Forgive Someone

When someone has done us wrong it sometimes sticks with us for months, years or even decades. 

Forgiveness is not easy and it often takes a long time.

Moreover it is not about the person that has done you wrong: Forgiving someone is something you do for yourself.

It will take off some weight of your sweet soul and help you let go off the negative imprint.

You don’t have to forgive everyone especially not when you’re not ready for it, but I have noticed that, speaking for myself, forgiving others has been very helpful in healing processes.

40. End Toxic Relationships

I don’t care if she’s been your best friend for yours or if it’s a family member:


You have not reincarnated and grown into the amazing person you are to let yourself be mistreated. 

You deserve to have loving, kind and appreciative people around you.

Cut the cord and let toxic people go their own way. It is not your job to save someone. 

Fill your own cup first!

41. Have One Digital Detox Day per Week

When I moved to Bali last year I was able to experience one of the loveliest holidays ever. 

Once a year the Balinese people celebrate “Nyepi” which is also called “Day of Silence”. 

On this day you are not allowed to leave your house, have the lights on, work or use any electronics (including WIFI). 

Locals here usually use the day for meditation and some also for fasting. 

This year I spent Nyepi reading a bunch of different books, drawing and meditating. 

It was so relaxing not to use my phone or computer for a whole day although I was often tempted to turn them on and watch a movie.

Sitting on the balcony, enjoying the lush green view of pandan fields, banana and palm trees without any noises of loud bikes or kids playing in front of the house was as relaxing as if I had taken a whole week of vacation.

As there were no lights turned on I was even able to view the Milky Way in the evening which was such a moving sight. 

Since this year’s Nyepi (which was in March) I am so excited by the idea of having a weekly digital detox day.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do it every week but I can only recommend you to try out a digital detox day and enjoy the simple things in life!

Disconnect from the world to connect with yourself.

42. Leave the House at Least Once per Day

Get out of your comfort zone or home office at least once per day!

You don’t have to go out and meet people, just going for a little walk or driving to a secluded spot in nature is something you should do every day. 

If you’ve been in a weird mood, this might be your remedy (Pia approved). 

Years back I often haven’t left the house for several days due to intense social anxiety, anxiety and panic attacks. 

You have to figure out if this will either help you or make your state of being even worse. 

Eventually you could ask a friend to go out with you and support you emotionally.

43. Surround Yourself With Positive Friends

You’ve probably heard about the concept that you’re the sum of the five closest people to you.

Although we’re well aware that our relationships affect us in major ways, we are often unaware of the fact that the way our closest companions shape our lives too. 

If you surround yourself with only negative, depressed and broke people it is harder to break out of the cycle and become a genuinely happy and wealthy person. 

44. Stop Overthinking

How many of the crazy negative scenarios you’ve built up in your head have actually become true?

Well if most of them then you should stop manifesting this mess now!

If most of them have just remained a daunting fantasy in your head keeping you awake at night or stressing you out during the day: now is the time to identify this pattern and keep yourself from overthinking!

Everytime you notice one of these thoughts coming up I challenge you to imagine the best possible outcome and then write that down!

45. Declutter Your Home

How many belongings have you accumulated over time that have just stood around and become invisible to your eye?

Over many years I have collected a tremendous amount of stuff I had a hard time detaching from.

Often those things were gifts from friends & family I didn’t want to throw or give away due to feelings of guilt.

Additionally a ridiculous number of clothes has creeped into my life living in my parents house, my apartment and my car. I have to add though, that some of these clothes I’ve had for over ten years and trying to live a sustainable lifestyle I thought it’s a great idea to keep them and wear them once in a while.

Needless to say, when I accidentally moved to Bali (thanks Covid!) I felt the weight of all of my stuff back in Germany like a burden on me. 

I’m gonna be honest with you: I’m never gonna be a minimalist. But I will try to always only purchase and keep what I truly love.

So after a three hour video call with my parents raiding my closet at their house I got rid of so many clothes which my parents then donated. 

Big shoutout to their patience and tolerance of me hoarding all my stuff in their house.

I cannot describe how relieved I felt finally giving all those clothes away after years of lying to myself about putting in the time and effort to sell them online or on a flea market. 

When I’m going back to Berlin this summer my next step is to get rid of most of my interior that I’ve kept in storage for two years now. Yes I’ve probably paid more for the storage than the worth of all those things, but I thought they’d be there for one to two months max, not 2 years. 

I’m so excited to get rid of all of the stuff and can only encourage you to also check out what items in your house don’t benefit you anymore.

Having more physical space will lead you towards more mental space and clarity.

There’s no need to radically get rid of all of your things, but I’m sure we all have stuff we don’t need anymore.

If the goods are still in a good condition you could even make a little money out of it and sell them or donate them to people in need.

46. Listen to Uplifting Music

Speaking of myself: I have a big melancholic side that comes out whenever I pick up an instrument.

For years I’ve believed that sad music doesn’t affect me, but the truth is that it doesn’t affect me as much as it does other people.

I don’t get all depressed and in a sad mood whenever a sad song comes up, but what I’ve noticed is that listening to uplifting music improves my mood easily. 

Now we all perceive different sounds as uplifting, but I really enjoy techno or just my favourite flash-back tunes that I can belt to (the happy ones though of course).

47. Be Kind to Yourself

You set the standard for how others treat you so treat yourself how you want to be treated.

I don’t care what you did: we are human and we make mistakes.

Please be kind to yourself and remember that you can always start over.

Putting yourself down does neither benefit you nor someone else. So stop that now, think about the kind of person you want to be and act accordingly.

48. Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Change

I’ve said it before and it’s something I will always preach:

If you don’t like something: change it.

If you can’t change it: change your attitude.

Our perception is what shapes and creates our world. Like Yin Yang there’s always something bad in something good, and something good in something bad. 

Although I’m not a big fan of the classifications ‘bad’ and ‘good’, the concept of Yin Yang teaches us there’s always something that we are not aware of. 

If we focus on the good and the lesson behind everything we realize that everything is a blessing. Even if it’s a purification.

49. Forgive Yourself

We all have skeletons in our cupboards. All of us.

But that doesn’t mean you should punish yourself for your words and actions until the day you die. 

Being aware of the wrong you’ve done to others (or yourself) is the first step of improvement.

It’s important you forgive yourself and move on to a better version of yourself.

Making mistakes is human and don’t believe anyone saying they’re always acting perfectly. 

50. Follow Blogs / Profiles / Pages That Lift You Up 

I remember years ago when I was suffering from severe depression and getting out of bed would be an accomplishment I couldn’t manage every day.

The first thing I did after waking up was usually scrolling through Instagram whilst still lying in bed.

Back then I already knew it was a pretty bad habit, but I didn’t have the strength to change it. I was mentally chained to my bed so I didn’t have that many options, scrolling through Instagram was my go to distraction. 

But I knew something had to change if I wanted to get out of my misery.

If I couldn’t change this habit I thought, I would at least change what I’m seeing. 

So I unfollowed a bunch of people I didn’t have a good reason to follow anymore anyways. Additionally I blocked energy vampires and I started following a bunch of motivational and spiritual pages. 

My feed was now filled with affirmations, uplifting and motivational texts and people who made me feel good.

I encourage you to follow everyone who inspires you, makes you feel good and helps you to become the best version of yourself!

51. Declutter Your Social Media

Now that you’ve followed a bunch of inspiring and positive pages it’s time to take the next step and say goodbye to every page / channel that doesn’t lift your spirit up.

Be unapologetic when it comes to decluttering your social media. 

Don’t be afraid to unfollow people who you know personally if their content makes you feel low. 

In case they notice you’ve unfollowed them and want to speak to you about it you could say something like: 

“This has nothing to do with our friendship / relationship. I have chosen to only follow pages that make me feel good about myself. I value you a lot and I don’t like you any less because I have unfollowed you.”

I have unfollowed friends before if their content has made me feel uncomfortable / angry or anything in this direction.

We need to understand that following each other on Instagram has nothing to do with our friendship, especially if you are using it on a professional level.

Being inspired and inspiring others is what I love about social media. We shouldn’t go on social media and feel bad about ourselves. 

Let’s enjoy this beautiful creation and not let it affect us in negative ways. 

We are the creators and we can choose what we want to focus on and attract.

Triggers can be so valuable showing us where we still have work to do, but we should still set healthy boundaries and not be exposed to them all the time.

There is also a function on Instagram that you can “mute” accounts you’re following which then hides all the content but you’re still following the person. 

52. Turn Off Notifications

Pretty sure we’ve all either heard or said this: “If something’s really important they will call me.”

So if we all know this to be true (excluding people here that just keep spamming you with texts waiting for a reply) why do we feel the need to be available 24/7?

Just because we can is a pretty uncreative reason to say we should.

I used to tell my friends they could call me whenever they needed and they could. I had my phone next to my bed on vibration mode whilst sleeping and I would wake up and take the phone when my friend’s called me in the middle of the night.

I felt like a good friend. But I wasn’t a good friend to myself as I wasn’t even able back then to set some basic healthy boundaries.

This happened during a time when I was severely depressed & suffering from insomnia. My thought process and intention was that if I couldn’t help myself I could at least help others and be there for them.

Little did I realize back then that I would’ve helped myself a lot if I had been able to put my phone out of reach and in flight mode.

I didn’t learn to set healthy boundaries until last year. It is nothing you learn overnight but it is so important for your mental health and your relationships.  

This way I wouldn’t wake up either in the middle of the night or early in the morning when everyone else in Germany is already in full work mode except for depressed people who can’t even get out of bed.

53. Have Your Phone In Flight Mode When You Don’t Need It

Reason number 1: you’re less likely to be distracted because you ain’t receiving any messages or calls anyways

Reason number 2: you’re less exposed to radiation in case that is of any concern to you\\

Personally I just feel like it empowers me to be less dependent on my phone when I just shut it off or put it in airplane mode during the day.

54. Keep Your Space Clean

The cleaner your space the more capacity in your headspace.

Putting your dishes directly aways or taking the trash with you when you’re going to the kitchen are just two examples of a long list of simple handles you can do to keep your space clean.

Implement these no-brainer tasks as habits and it will either save you time when you’re doing a thorough cleanse or save you money by saving your cleaning staff time.


55. Hire A Coach / Mentor

Learn from the best to become your best!

Whether you’re investing in a personal trainer, a business coach or a therapist:

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do!

No matter what life throws at you you will always possess your head, knowledge & skills.

No one and nothing can take that away from you so choose wisely what you spend your money on. 

What’s more important to you? That pair of Louboutins, the new car or becoming the best version of yourself and getting your business to seven figures?

The choice (of your values) is yours.

If you have money for a 10 k $ vacation you also have money for a 10 k $ coach. 

It’s just a matter of priorities.

56. Create A Vision Board

What are your goals and dreams and where do you keep them?

In a journal, on a vision board or just in your head?

Bring them to life and specifiy them by creating a vision board of all these things.

You can either create it in an app or make it the old-school way by cutting out photos from magazines and sticking it onto a poster.

Classifying your dreams into personal & work and furthermore dividing them into short- and long-term goals will bring additional structure to your board.

57. Get Creative

We are all creative! Despite what your art teacher, business coach or maybe even your parents have told you.

We are the creators of our life and to create we have to be creative.

When was the last time you picked up an instrument, your paint brushes, a camera or maybe your knitting tools?

Invite some friends and enjoy the art of creation just as you did as a child!

58. Read Self-Development Books & Blogs

Where do you want to get in life? Who do you want to become?

There are numerous self-development books out there and I am slightly obsessed with them.

I don’t spend time on reading novels (nothing bad about that though), I go to the bookshop and pick out books that help me reach my next level depending on what I’m currently working on or struggling with.

Not to mention there are also awesome self-development blogs out there with totally free content (like this one here 🙂 ) you can read all day-long.

59. Be Specific With Your Goals

Figure out what you want and be specific about it. Ask the Universe / God / Source/ the Force for what you want precisely or you will just get a response as vague as what you dared to ask for.

How much money do you want to earn exactly? How many hours do you want to work every week for this income? How much muscle mass do you want to gain? What area do you want to live in? 

Be bold enough to ask for your wildest dreams, work on them and they will come true.

60. Keep Track of Your Progress

How far have you come and what have you achieved this week / month / year? 

Keeping track of your progress in form of a habit tracker or journaling will keep you motivated and on track on your road to success.

61. Take an Online Class

What I love about online classes is that you purchase them once and can have a look at them for the rest of your life. 

It doesn’t matter in which timezone you are or if you don’t have time to attend the live class, you can always go back to the teaching and learn them at your own pace over and over again. 

62. Ask for Help

This is one I struggle with in particular. I don’t remember if I’ve asked for help as a kid and too often I’ve been told to figure it out by myself. Or if I’ve just developed a strange sense of strength and independence in my head wanting to do everything by myself.

We all need help sometimes. And it’s totally okay to ask for it. No, it’s important to ask for it. 

Let’s help each other more and not think that we have to do or figure out certain things by ourselves.

Yes please continue googling simple things instead of wasting other people’s time, but if you need help and can’t figure it out by yourself don’t hesitate to ask!

63. Stop People Pleasing

People pleasing is one of the worst things you can do to yourself and others.

To yourself because you are not walking on this earth to live your life according to other people’s expectations.

To others because people have to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

By pleasing other people you are distancing yourself from your inner truth and your soul’s purpose.

Yes to helping others. No to pleasing people!

64. Leave Your Comfort Zone

It’s called a comfort zone for a reason. Leaving it is uncomfortable (for all of us) but guess what: the greatest things in life will not come from staying in your comfort zone.

Take risks, step into the unknown, feel the rush of adrenaline and enjoy the ride. 

There are also numerous books on how to leave the comfort zone.

I’m not saying you should become an adrenaline junkie and constantly live out of your comfort zone, it’s sometimes been there for evolutionary reasons.

But then and now I encourage you to give yourself a go and get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

65. Set Healthy Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries NOW. With your parents, your friends, your co-workers, simply: with everyone that is going too far and needs to be told where your boundary is. 

We all have different boundaries so don’t expect people to guess where yours are, tell them!

You don’t have to listen to everything, do anything or talk about something you don’t want to.

Eventually they might freak out, but that’s life. You gotta learn how to deal with people getting uncomfortable because you’re setting boundaries. Especially if this is new to you it might be tricky but you can always wrap it nicely and try not to offend the other. 

66. Go to Therapy

People who don’t work on themselves are a mystery to me. I think it’s super-attractive when people are into personal development and actually working on understanding themselves, calling out their own BS and becoming their best version.

Do this for yourself though, not for other people! 

Therapy doesn’t have to look like talk therapy though. I was thriving on art therapy, others love hypnotherapy and there are numerous other forms of therapy.

Besides, it’s always great to have someone to talk to under confidentiality.

67. Go to a Cultural Event (Theater, Opera, Concert)

Once in a while it’s great to expand your horizon with the attendance of a cultural event.

That could be going to the theater or an opera, attending a concert or a stand-up event.

Enjoying arts in its various forms with fellow humans is also a great way to get to know new people.

68. Always Imagine the Best Possible Outcome

Be aware of your negative beliefs and shift them instantly.

It takes a lot of practice but the more you do it the easier it will become for you and you will finally find yourself in a beast mode of calling out your own BS and shifting your frequency.

Stop painting the devil on the wall and start imagining the best possible outcome.

Why waste precious time imagining worst-case scenarios? Instead think of all the beautiful ways life can become even better!

69. Modify Your Goals

You are allowed to change your mind and you are allowed to change your goals.

We change, we evolve and so do occasionally our goals and dreams.

You’ve been running after the same thing for thing for the past 15 years? Well, if you’re not interested in that treat anymore just go for something else.

Modify your goals and forget about what you wanted when you were vibing on a different frequency.

70. Smile at Strangers

Even (or especially?) when you’re wearing a mask: smile at strangers!

Our friends once all were strangers to us and being nice doesn’t cost a penny.

Now I’m not saying smiling at someone will make you new friends, but spreading joy and kindness is what this world needs now more than ever. Be part of the movement!

71. Be Nice to Strangers

Yes I’m taking it even further than smiling: Be nice to others. I’m not telling you to kiss someone’s butt, but just remember that we are all struggling and just being nice to each other goes a long way.

You might not know it but you could make someone’s day just by being genuinely nice to them.

Be nice to the cashier, to the delivery guy walking up those numerous stairs, the bus driver,… Just be nice to everyone you meet. Even if they’re not nice to you, that’s none of your problem.

72. Work on Your Dream Every Day, Even if it’s Only 1 %

We’re not machines so giving 100% each and every day is simply impossible.

But if you have a dream, work on it every day. Even if it’s just one percent.

Just do a tiny little step towards your goal daily and you will get there way faster and feel better about yourself. 

73. Stop Gossiping

Just pasting in the amazing quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Great minds discuss ideas

Average minds discuss events

Small Minds discuss people

Don’t be part of the small mind. Mind your own business and help create a better world.

When you’re judging others you are probably judging something you are not allowing yourself.

You can only see in other people what you have inside of yourself.

So before judging someone the next time remember that you might have been him/ her in the past or might be them in the future.

Work on your self-worth and you will automatically stop judging other people.

74. Help Someone

Just like asking for help, helping others is equally important. We are a community and we are always stronger together.

Stop viewing people as competition, instead let’s help each other grow.

Oh but before you help others: help yourself first!

You can’t pour from an empty cup and building your self-worth based on how often you help other people is not really the way you probably want to go.

75. Listen to Other People

When I say listen, I mean genuinely listen.
Listen to what others have to say and try to understand their point. 

Listening is not thinking about the next thing you’re going to say, it is comprehending the situation of others and making it about them, not about your response.

76. Learn Something New

We’re constantly learning on a subconscious level, but how often do you decide to learn something new?

Whether it’s beneficial for your work or just for yourself: learning something is actually fun and a great way to train your brain.

My favourite ways to learn are online classes, YouTube videos, documentaries and self-help books.

77. Smile at Yourself in the Mirror

When you pass a mirror: what look do you give yourself?

Do you like what you see? Do you feel disgusted, in awe or suprised? Do you smile at yourself?

For years I actually avoided looking at mirrors because I couldn’t stand seeing myself looking miserable. I don’t mean this from an aesthetic point of view; during years of deep depression I could just not endure seeing all this sadness in my eyes. 

Too late I’ve learned that I should’ve looked into the mirror and smiled at myself. 

Well obviously this ain’t gonna cure depression, but it can go a long way.

Especially when pairing it with self-love affirmations this practice is more efficient than you could probably imagine.

You could also write some loving words on each mirror with a lipstick or a pen. 

Powerful affirmations for this mirror practice are:

I am beautiful

I am worthy

I am radiating

I love myself

I am going to be okay

I am happy to see you

Just pick out the affirmations you resonate with most and repeat them every day!

78. Always Log Out from Social Media Apps

How often do you click on social media apps throughout the day? And how often do you just suddenly waste a whole lot of time on them? Probably way too often like myself.

Getting lost in overstimulation is so easy and it’s keeping you from doing the things you really should and want to do. 

If you log out every time you’ve used an app you will be less likely to get lost scrolling through it the next time because you have to make an effort (here: type in your username and password) to get to it. 

This simple and little task is what usually keeps us from logging in because it makes us think twice if we really want to spend our time looking at our phone. 

A quick and easy way to control your social media time! 

Another thing I do is I delete all the social media apps that I don’t need for work from my phone. 

I only check facebook when I’m on the computer and only have Instagram & Pinterest as apps, but that is still enough distraction if you really want to avoid productivity.

79. Wear Your Favourite Clothes

Life is too short to wear clothes you don’t love. 

You probably won’t be able to wear your favourite sweater every single day, but if you sort out all of the clothes you don’t really enjoy and only keep the ones you love to wear you can watch your frequency shift immediately.

Imagine wearing pieces and outfits you love every single day, wouldn’t that make you feel good instantly?

You can even make this a win-win situation by donating your old clothes to people in need, selling them online or even swapping them with friends.

You could also swap cute outfits with a friend for a week, this way you don’t have to buy new clothes and still have a bunch of variety.

Recycling clothes is great for your finances and our beautiful planet!

80. Build Healthy Habits & Routines

Well I’m happy to tell you you’ve come to the right blog if you’re looking to build healthy habits & routines. 

We are what we repeatedly do, which is why you should form habits that help you become your best you. 

Routines are a great way to support yourself on the roller coaster called life, especially when they consist of great self-care practices.

81. Read Success Stories

Do you have someone you look up to? No need to call them an idol, but doing some research on who has accomplished what you want to do or who possesses what you want to have can be very helpful. 

Analyze what they do in their daily life and you will know what to do to get to where they are.

Reading or listening to random success stories and YouTube can also be a great motivator to work on your dreams even more eagerly. 

82. Optimize Your Processes

As you might’ve already noticed I’m a big fan of optimization. This is because I like building concepts focusing on making things easier and time-saving. 

Optimization of processes and systems is also great to minimize your day to day mind fuck.

83. Invest in Your Education

Knowledge does not equal power.

But knowing how to use your knowledge can get you what you desire in life.

To me life is a journey of constant learning and unlearning.

Graduating from school or college is not the end of learning and although I didn’t like this thought when I was young and fed up with school I enjoy educating myself nowadays so much.

Please never hesitate to invest in yourself. Any possessions can be broken or stolen, but no one can take away from you what you have in your head. 

Your skills and knowledge are yours forever and they are your ticket to living your dream life, however this may look like.

You don’t even have to invest any money as there is so much knowledge out there you can just access for free, you only need to invest your time.

If you want to learn something you can easily google it, watch a YouTube video or check out Pinterest. 

I love using Pinterest and YouTube and I’m also buying a ton of self-help books as they are the only ones I really enjoy. 

I also love watching documentaries or taking online classes that I can do at my own pace and come back to anytime. 

84. Invest Your Money Instead of Keeping it in the Bank

Being rich has nothing to do with money.

But if you wish to accumulate a fortune you’d be stupid not to invest your money.

Due to inflation the money you keep in your bank accounts is losing it’s worth over time. 

Investing it instead in ETFs, stocks, currencies or properties are only a few examples of what you could do with your money instead.

Now I’m not saying you should take all of your money out of your accounts and invest it straight into things you don’t know anything about. DON’T DO THAT!

Find out what kind of investment suits your personality and lifestyle and always keep an emergency fund in your bank that you can access directly. 

Your emergency fund should cover all of your living expenses and the ones of those you are looking after (pets, childrens, etc.) for at least three months. 

Moreover, as soon as you get a raise don’t immediately raise your living standards, but stay low-key and invest the extra money so it increases its value over time.

85. Work on Several Income Streams

Quick note up-front: don’t buy into the idea of passive income.

Yes you will earn money whilst not working on the project and you will not exchange time for money. 

But you will not achieve your income by being passive! 

Everyone out here preaching passive income like it’s some magical thing you can just sign up for and then earn money whilst sleeping. 

You will have to work to achieve income and in the beginning it’s always a lot of work.


86. Eat 2-4 Hours Before Sleep

Enjoying your last meal two to four hours before going to sleep will not only help you fall asleep faster, it will furthermore give your body the time and energy to recover all the cells and do all the things it usually does while you’re having sweet dreams.

Our digestion takes up a huge amount of energy so it’s best not to mix it up with your sleep.

As we all have different sleep patterns it speaks for itself that the ideal dinner time depends on the time you’re going to bed.

87. Visualize Your Ideal Day

What would your perfect day look like? Never thought about that?

Well then it’s time to grab pen and paper and visualize your ideal day.

When you’ve done that ask yourself which of these things you can implement easily every day. 

Make your life better step by step!

88. Plan the Next Day

Now that you’ve pictured your best day ever it’s time to take a couple of its parts and plan them into the day ahead!

Planning your next day will make you feel more settled and you’ll easier get to work and achieve everything you’ve planned to. 

Pro Tipp: Stick to the plan.

89. Journal

In case you haven’t noticed yet: Journaling is becoming more and more popular and that’s because of its various ways of use like goal tracking or self-reflection only to name a two.

It’s up to you whether you prefer the old-school version with a physical journal like I do or if you’re more into apps. 

90. Practice Gratitude Daily

Every day I am thankful for the things that make me feel blessed. 

Whether you prefer practicing gratitude as part of your morning routine or, like I do, in the evening: this is one of the most powerful and easiest things to higher your vibration. 

Despite all hardships or how your day was, there is always something to be grateful for.

91. Ban Electronic Devices from Your Bedroom

This doesn’t include your lamp (unless you want to live off candles). I am talking about leaving your phone, tablet, TV, computer, etc. out of your bedroom. 

I guess we all have heard about how too much blue light which is emitted by displays is bad for our eyes. In fact you’ve probably also heard that it blocks the build-up of melatonin which is also known as the ‘sleep hormone’. 

Although most devices now have a feature called ‘blue light filter’ which turns the display orange I encourage you to leave all those devices outside of your bedroom and read a book or meditate instead right before going to bed. 

92. Unplug WiFi Overnight

Unplugging your WiFi overnight is a great way to annoy your kids (my dad liked to do this).

Jokes aside, unplug your WiFi to reduce radiation and eventually also save a tiny bit of electricity. 

As you’ve already ditched your electronic devices from your bedroom you won’t need the WiFi anyways.

93. Watch Comedies

We all love a good laugh. And we for sure all need a good laugh.

For years I mainly watched thriller and horror movies being super naive thinking it wouldn’t affect me. 

We are what we consume, so let’s all consume more joyful media that raises our frequency instead of lowering it.

94. Watch Documentaries

I love documentaries! Not all of them of course. I don’t watch documentaries that make me feel bad in the evening.

It’s important to educate yourself about history and what’s currently going on in the world but before you’re going to sleep maybe watch a lovely documentary about your favourite animal, space or a faraway land you’ve always dreamt of visiting. 

Pro Tipp: You can watch amazing documentaries for free on YouTube!

95. Take Care of Your Skin

Some people might argue we didn’t need all these skin care products back in the Stone Age, but matter of fact is:

  • we don’t know if their skin condition is what we want nowadays
  • they didn’t have pollution back then

So go and clean your skin every evening and apply some nice moisturizer. 

No need for a 15-step-skin care routine if you don’t fancy it (I definitely don’t).

96. Sleep Before You Make Big Decisions

I like to decide quickly so I don’t have to think further about the issue but I think that is to some extent avoidance and not serving me as I often have felt bad about the decision I made in a rush.

Saying that you need to sleep over something might crush other people’s expectations and needs, but no one benefits from you saying yes to something you’d rather say no to and then end up with regrets or declining at the last minute.

Honor yourself by taking the time you need before making big or important (or small) decisions.

97. No Screen Time 1 Hour Before Bed

I’ve already mentioned how blue light affects our sleep quality and ability to fall asleep.

Additionally what we consume influences us more than we realize, which is why I recommend going inwards before falling asleep. 

Journaling, practicing gratitude, meditating or enjoying a nice cup of tea are calm and great ways to end a day and perfect preparation for a good night’s sleep.

98. Sleep with an Open Window

Whereas sleeping with an open window might be a no-brainer to some of us it is actually a no-go for a big part of people I know.

Try sleeping with an open window for one night and you will notice how the increased amount and flow of oxygen affects you when you wake up in the morning. 

If you live in the tropics don’t forget your mosquito net!

99. Visualize Your Dreamlife

When I was a kid I used to fall asleep visualizing my dream life. 

This changed quite easily when I grew up to responsibilities and the other lovelies of adulthood. 

Now I have claimed back my childhood tricks to fall asleep peacefully and I can only encourage you to visualize your wildest dreams when you lie in your bed, close your eyes and have some last conscious thoughts before travelling to neverland.


Just picking out a few and mastering them will uplevel your quality of life enormous and lead you towards your happiest and best self!

Don’t worry about implementing all of these 99 daily habits for a better life!

Take one to three small habits at a time to begin with. It’s quite impossible to make a 360 from one day to another.

Keeping track of your habits and celebrating your goals are important companions on your journey!

If you don’t know which habits to start with I recommend to ask yourself some great questions to figure out which ones are your perfect fit.

May You Create Your Dream Life!