This series of powerful money affirmations will help you manifest (more) wealth & financial abundance no matter your current situation.

You know, there are two kinds of people. Those that are good at school and those that are great at life. 2 years ago I really did not know what to do with my life.

I was crashing the couch of a 5 person household in Berlin. Now I am living in a big house in Bali. I have 2 dogs and a pool. My lifestyle clearly changed as well. But what happened in between?

I started to rewire my brain by using Positive Affirmations on a daily basis!

How do I start with Money Affirmations?

1.The first thing you should do in order to start with your money affirmations is to note down everything you believe about money to be true or not – in modern terms this is also called your money mindset.

There are a lot of limiting beliefs you could have about money.

Ask yourself questions like:

Are rich people bad? Is it hard to make money? How long does it take to make a lot of money?

These are just a few questions and if you answered those negatively we need to shift your money mindset and finally create the abundance you deserve!

2. The next step is to repeat positive mantras.

Sit in a quiet place, where no one will disturb you and start reading the list of money affirmations aloud, that I provide for you below. Make sure to take a deep breath after every affirmation that you read.

This will help you to create a shift in your subconsciousness over time!

Affirmations are of course not only limited to financial abundance, but can furthermore also help you shift your life in any areas such as f.e. your mental state or physical health.

111 money affirmations to create financial abundance

Here is a list of 111 money affirmations that you can use to create financial abundance in your life! 

Take 10 new money affirmations every 2 days and when finished going through the whole affirmation list you can start from the beginning.

By then you should notice how your mindset is slowly shifting and getting more positive!

  1. I am a money magnet.

2. I am attracting money at this very moment.

3. I constantly create new sources of income.

4. I attract money doing what I love.

5. What brings me joy brings me money.

6. Money is drawn to me.

7. The more fun I’m having the more money I’m making.

8. Money creates a positive impact on my life.

9. It is safe for me to have a lot of money.

10. Money flows to me easily.

11. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

I create infinite wealth

12. I am in harmony with the energy of money.

13. Money always finds its way to me.

14. I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.

15. My income is constantly increasing.

16. I attract money and prosperity with ease.

17. I am a master at attracting money into my life.

18. I am about to receive more money than I could ever imagine.

19. Each day I attract and save more and more money.

20. I am rich in all areas of my life.

21. My income increases every month.

22. Money flows to me from multiple sources.

23. I am grateful for being wealthy.

24. I welcome an unlimited supply of money into my life.

25. My actions create prosperity.

26. I am grateful for all the money that comes to me.

27. I choose wealth and abundance.

28. I am excited about receiving more money.

29. I am financially free.

30. I am grateful for creating abundance.

31. I welcome unlimited income and wealth in my life.

32. I am worthy of financial security.

33. I have more money than I could ever spend.

34. I am financially prospering every day.

35. I place no limits on the amount of money I can make. 

36. I create infinite wealth.

37. Money making opportunities always come my way.

38. Money grows on trees.

39. I create wealth with no effort.

40. I am worthy of having anything I want.

41. Good things come to me easily.

42. My bank account grows while I’m sleeping.

43. Money always comes my way.

44. I have more than enough money to do all the things I want to do. 

I am a money magnet

45. I always have the money I need when I need it.

46. Abundance flows freely through me.

47. I get paid well for my work.

48. It’s safe for me to receive money and abundance.

49. I am worthy of the best life has to offer.

50. My bank account grows while I’m having fun

51. I deserve abundance.

52. I love money and money loves me.

53. I am financially flourishing.

54. I openly receive all of the wealth life offers me.

55. I am aligned with the energy of money.

56. It’s safe for me to find new income streams.

57. Money is great and powerful.

58. I am a prosperous person.

59. I am grateful for financial security.

60. I am grateful for all the money that is present in my life. 

61. It’s safe for me to have a lot more money than I can spend.

62. I am focused on my wealth.

63. I use my money in wise and fun ways.

64. It’s safe for me to enjoy my financial success.

65. I realize unlimited wealth in my life.

66. I embrace unique offers of income.

67. It’s safe for me to create a big financial legacy.

68. I am creating a big financial legacy.

69. Money flows to me in various ways.

70. I am worthy of being rich.

71. I am good enough to be rich.

72. I am able to earn more than enough.

73. My income widely exceeds my expenses. 

74. It’s safe for me to get excited about money.

75. I am ready for the abundance coming to me now.

76. I am connected to the universal supply of money.

77. It’s safe for me to manifest financial abundance.

Money flows to me easily

78. I am generous with what I have.

79. I am free to do what I want.

80. It’s safe for me to pay off all of my debts.

81. I release all blockages around abundance.

82. I am open to the flow of abundance.

83. I am receiving.

84. It’s safe for me to have excess money.

85. It’s safe for my family to see how well I’m doing financially.

86. It’s safe for me to be debtfree.

87. It’s safe for me to use money to create magical experiences.

88. I am spending my money guiltfree.

89. I am enjoying my financial success.

90. I have enough money to share and spare.

91. I attract money by doing what I love.

92. Making money is so easy for me.

93. Money supports me and my big dreams.

94. I am achieving all of my dreams now.

95. Wealth is pouring into my life. 

96. Money loves me. 

97. I have a healthy relationship with money.

98.I am magnetizing abundance.

99. My income is expanding rapidly.

100. My finances are in order.

101. I am at peace with looking at my bank statements.

102. Money is all around me.

103. I am comfortable handling large amounts of money.

104. Everything I do creates wealth.

105. All my financial needs are being met.

106. I am worthy of investing in myself.

107. It’s safe for me to be wealthy.

108. Being wealthy allows me to live the life I want.

109. I am worthy of abundance.

110. Money simply falls into my lap.

111. I have a positive relationship with money.

I am worthy of financial security

There you have it! I hope these inspire you and help you to change the way you think and what you attract.

Here I will try to clear up all the questions you might have about money affirmations!

How long does it take for affirmations to work?

This question really depends on the person. Some people can notice changes the first day of practicing saying affirmations aloud.

First, you will notice that you feel much more motivated during the day. After 4 weeks you can usually experience that more opportunities are coming your way!

How many affirmations should I say a day?

Anywhere between 5 and 10 affirmations is a good number to start with!

Make sure to really feel what you are saying and try to concentrate! You can repeat these affirmations as often as you like during the day if you feel like you need a motivational boost!

Should you do affirmations everyday?

It is always good to have a balance. Doing affirmations at least 5 days per week is a good thing. Not overdoing it clearly helps to stay consistent in the long run!

Are writing affirmations effective?

Writing affirmations is also a very good method that you can use to rewire your brain and be more success conscious. Make sure to use an actual pen and paper, so it is more effective!

Does listening to affirmations really work?

Another great way to use affirmations in your daily routine is to listen to them.

You can find good money affirmations on Youtube or Spotify that you can use. I noticed that listening to affirmations can really lift up the mood and change the way you think a lot!

Can affirmations make you rich?

Doing affirmations in itself can not make you rich, but they clearly help you see and attract opportunities.

Moreover, with a daily affirmation routine, you will be more likely to stay motivated and thus create more sources of income!

Do you have to feel your affirmations?

Whenever you do your affirmations it is important to also feel what you are saying or listening to.

If you have a hard time focusing, you can try it with a list of 3 affirmations first and work your way up! It is also a good idea to change the list of affirmations that you are using on a regular basis!

Do money affirmations work?

Money affirmations clearly worked for me, and they surely can for you!

Over time you will start noticing little changes in your behavior and motivation. When I started out, I had problems really believing in my affirmations, but I stayed persistent and focused as much as I could.

When I saw how positive my life changed I believed more and more in a daily affirmation practice!

Let’s consciously influence our beliefs around money and create financial abundance with help of these shifting affirmations.

Please make sure to check out my other articles! – Pia Ingrid