Do you want to establish new habits that will change your life for the better? 

Let me show you how to transform your mind, body & soul starting today with easy habit ideas for anyone!

How to create new habits

To be honest, building healthy habits is not necessarily easy, but it is definitely worth it! 

Show some self-compassion and try not to do everything at once. It might work for a few people, but the possibility of crashing and then being left with zero motivation is high. 

BJ Fogg, PHD and behaviour scientist at Stanford University suggests to try focusing on building 1 – 3 small habits at a time.  

Scientific researchers have furthermore shown that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect you suddenly having a bunch of healthy routines. Take it easy and grow over time!

Healthy habits of fit people

Habit  1:    Drink water first thing in the morning

How much water do you drink per day? Barely half a liter or around 3-4? 

Is it hard for you to remember to drink enough or do you struggle with drinking plain water? 

Drinking enough water is one of the healthiest habits you can create for your body. 

Most of us are dehydrated without even noticing it and this way we miss out on the enormous health benefits that comes with staying hydrated. 

According to Harvard University some of the key benefits from staying hydrated are:

  • aid of digestion & removal of toxins
  • regulation of blood pressure & body temperature
  • protection for your organs, tissues & joints
  • nutrient transport & electrolyte balance

When we sleep we don’t drink water for many hours and some of us don’t even drink right before bedtime so we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

So either way drinking water (almost) right after waking up will be a game changer for you! 

Of course you can brush your teeth or go to the bathroom first, but try to get that big glass of water into your system as soon as possible. 

How much water shall we drink then?

Ideally you should go to the bathroom every hour, which might be annoying, but it’s a sign that you’re drinking enough.

If your pee is clear you know that you’re doing a great job staying hydrated.

When your pee is dark or smelly please get some water in your system as soon as possible!

If you struggle with drinking enough here are some ideas on

how to drink more water:

  • get a beautiful reusable water bottle you want to 
    • place beside your bed 
    • carry with you wherever you go 
    • keep on your work desk
  • or prepare a jug of water and place it on your desk, on the kitchen counter or somewhere else near you 
  • use apps that remind you to stay hydrated
  • or set an alarm clock for each hour reminding you to drink a big glass of water
  • eat food that contains a lot of water like e.g.
    • cucumber
    • pineapples
    • cabbage
    • peaches
    • cantaloupe & watermelon
    • strawberries & other berries
    • celery
    • citrus fruits like oranges
    • zucchini
  • infuse your water with some of the following suggestions

Ideas to pimp your water:

  • lemon or lime
  • berries
  • mint
  • ginger
  • basil
  • slices of apples or pears
  • rosemary
  • date or date syrup
  • dragonfruit
  • cucumber
  • oranges, grapefruit or pomelo
  • maple syrup
  • cherries
  • watermelon
  • cinnamon sticks
  • chili or jalapeno
  • starfruit
  • kiwis
  • coconut nectar

You can infuse your water with literally any kind of fruit, herb or vegetables that you like.

This way you also have a healthy snack after finishing your jug.   

Get creative and enjoy all those new flavours!

Habit  2:     Movement

Are you a couch potato or a sports ace?

Or maybe something in between?

Maybe you enjoy movement but haven’t yet found something you really enjoy and working out is more of a duty to you?

Of course you can force yourself to work out then and now and possibly you will get used to and eventually even find some joy in it.

But what if you could find that kind of practice that fills you with bliss and joy while doing it?

You don’t think that’s possible? 

Here’s how to make movement more fun:

  • combine your recent habit with your new one
    • currently binging on an album? only listen to it during your workout! 
  • get a workout buddy to
    • simultaneously meet a friend & treat your body well
    • cheer and motivate each other to stay on track
    • work harder while having more fun
  • reward yourself after training with
    • a delicious protein shake 
    • an extra episode of your favourite show
  • set long-term goals and rewards like f.e.
    • a spa day after one month of consistent exercise
    • getting some new workout clothes after 3 months of training
  • finally try out that new sport you’ve lately had an eye one

Now these are just some proposals on how you make movement more fun.

Let’s now find out what kind of movement you could enjoy!

Below I’ve listed different kinds of movement:

  • calming but not to be underestimated
    • yoga
    • pilates
    • Qi Gong
    • Tai Chi
    • hiking
    • stretching
  • sport with social interaction
    • skateboarding
    • volleyball
    • soccer
    • hockey
    • handball
    • tennis
    • martial arts
    • crossfit
  • if you prefer working out alone
    • bodybuilding
    • running
    • biking
    • swimming
    • dancing it out to your favourite tracks
  • short workouts
    • HIIT
    • rope skipping

Sure this is only a short list of all the different things you can do!   

Did you find something you’d like to try? Awesome! 

Now you can go on YouTube and try out free workouts or you can google sports clubs and gyms in your area and maybe they have free or cheap trial classes.

If you’re new to physical exercise take it slowly and don’t work out every day in the beginning. 

Get your body used to the new practice and remember:

Rest & recovery are just as important as movement!   

Habit  3:     Eat one healthy meal per day (at least!)

Healthy eating habits are equally important to your wellbeing as staying hydrated and moving your body every day.

For many of us it’s also very hard to get the right nutritional habits as pleasure awaits us at almost every corner 24/7 nowadays. 

If your diet currently consists of mainly processed and junk foods, it will probably take some time to transition to eating mainly healthy. 

Benefits of healthy food habits are:

  • boosted self-confidence
  • improved brain health
  • reducing stress
  • stronger resilience
  • higher adaptability
  • lessen social anxiety
  • increased happiness

But as with everything in life it’s not about perfectionism and getting everything straight away right.

Enjoy the journey to your healthier body and don’t restrict yourself, as you can and should eat whatever you like.

Start today with eating at least one healthy meal per day.


Trying out new things is easy. 

Creating a habit can be very difficult and will need some discipline, pushing through your comfort zone and mostly consistency. 

But considering all the different positive effects healthy habits can have on your fitness it is definitely worth the effort.

I really hope these 3 life-changing habits will help you create a better present and future for yourself.

Start step by step and don’t be discouraged if you miss out on a day.

Just don’t make missing out a habit!

Not every method will resonate with you, but as long as you find or create one, that makes you feel good, that’s all that matters.

You deserve to be your healthiest and fittest version!